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Raising children in the faith requires the support of an entire community; yet, research shows us that it is the faith practices of households that have the most lasting impact on a child’s future faith.  Let’s talk about how families can practice faith at home in ways that are realistic, meaningful, and fun.  Parishes also can consider how they can nurture spiritual disciplines for all ages through their programming and encouragement.

Traci Smith's Faith at Home videos

Rev. Traci Smith, author of “Faithful Families” has created short, instructional videos to guide parents through creating faith practices around mindfulness, serving others, meal time and bedtime for children and youth of all ages.

The Faith 5 is a daily devotional method similar to the spiritual practice known as the Examen.  It is the result of extensive work by Dr. Rich Melheim, who explains it in this video.

The Faith 5 are:

Share highs and lows.

Read a Bible verse or passage.

Talk about the intersection of the Bible and your highs and lows.

Pray about what you discussed.

Bless each other.

With infants you can start with just “Bless,” then over time add steps as your child grows.  The best time is just before bed, but anytime will work if you can practice it consistently.