Complete Holy Week Playlists for At Home Devotions!

During Holy Week, we are led through the events of the last days of Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection – from Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and finally to the joy of Easter morning.

Engage the stories of Holy Week with your children through this fun Holy Week Scavenger Hunt.

​Click on this blurb to be taken to playlists ​for each festival during Holy Week.

What is a PLAYLIST? 

A playlist is made up of four sections that you as a family can do together to engage in faith-full conversations, activities, and learning together. You can choose to do the whole playlist at one time, or break it up into different parts based on what works best for your family. Use one or two parts or do them all. It’s up to you! At the bottom of each playlist are additional resources your family might enjoy.

Stations of the Cross

Allow for the illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible to move you through the 14 Stations of the Cross: an adaptation to local usage of a custom widely observed by pilgrims to Jerusalem: the offering of prayer at a series of places in that city traditionally associated with our Lord’s passion and death.  Provided by Katie Churchwell.

Easter Week - in Rocks!

See the main events of the Holy Week of the mortal life of Jesus Christ and the Easter Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus as told by rocks and pebbles by Patti Rokus of  For busy folks, these short daily videos are a great way to encounter the story in a different medium, helping us to enter the story in a new way.

1-Minute Daily Prayers for Holy Week

For each day in Holy Week, watch a one-minute video of a scripture passage and a prayer, suitable for all ages and great for dinner or bedtime devotions.

From Common Prayer for Children and Families by Jenifer Gamber and Timothy JS Seamans Church Publishing, 2020, used by permission.